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(This shows the balloon-client-web since it is more appealing than showing the server :) )

  • High performance server, horizontally scalable, easy clustering
  • Using MongoDB which is highly scalable and super fast
  • WebDAV Support (Support for network drives on Windows and other clients)
  • Various DMS features like tagging, meta data, sharing, file history and more
  • Sharing for user and groups with different levels of permissions (manager, read-write, readonly, mailbox)
  • Comes with cloud native support and deploy ready kubernetes resources
  • Deployable out of the box for debian (deb), tar archive, docker images, kubernetes and more
  • App system for 3rd party apps
  • The core is shipped with various core apps pre-installed
  • File previews for various formats (including office documents, pdf, text, images, markdown, html and more)
  • Notification system (including mail notifications)
  • Full text search using Elasticsearch
  • Malware scanning using ClamAV
  • Full WOPI support (Tested with Libre Office Online and Microsoft Office Online)
  • Automatically convert files (shadow nodes) to other file formats (for example keep an automatic pdf file for a word file)
  • Automatically destroy files/folders at a certain time
  • Mount external storage (Currently only SMB/CIFS is supported since v2.1.0)
  • Eventlog
  • Integrated deduplication system
  • Burl (URL file format, including rendered site previews)
  • Globally accessible share links
  • Intelligent collections based on custom rules
  • Multiple types of authentication, basic auth (internal users), basic auth LDAP, OpenID-Connect, WebAuthn support
  • Integrated OpenID-connect server and also supports OpenID-connect for any external OpenID-Connect providers (including google, microsoft, github and more)
  • Support for Google reCaptcha v2 (Anti bruteforce account security)
  • REST API (OpenAPI v3 specs)
  • User quotas
  • Official Web UI
  • Official Desktop client for Windows, Linux and OS X
  • Rich eco system (including various sdk's)
  • ... and much more


Interested? How to deploy? Well please visit the documentation.

Web UI

There is a modern web based user interface for balloon! It does support all features and integrates smoothly with the balloon server. Check out the balloon web ui on gyselroth/balloon-client-web.

Desktop Client

Of course there is also a complete desktop solution for balloon. The desktop clients brings your cloud onto your desktop for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It can sync your entire cloud and more, checkout the balloon desktop client on gyselroth/balloon-client-desktop.


A changelog is available here.


Upgrading from an older version of balloon? Please note the changelog and follow the instructions given in the upgrade guide.


We are glad that you would like to contribute to this project. Please follow the given terms.